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WPC 2021

The World Pre-Health Conference at Harvard University is a free-to-attend virtual conference for pre-health students at universities across the world that takes place in March of each year. 

Each year's conference has a variety of events, workshops, and speakers. Our WPC 2021 speakers included Program Director of the Autoimmune Center of Excellence at Massachusetts General Hospital and the Director of the Harvard immunology PhD and Master in Medical Sciences programs Shiv Pillai, William J. and Charles H. Mayo Professor and Chair of Neurologic Surgery Alfredo Quinones-Hinojosa, and Chief Policy Officer and Counsel for the Black Women’s Health Imperative Tammy Boyd. Our events included a medical case study competition and a surgical skills workshop. 

In addition, attendees were able to apply to be matched with a mentor in the medical field. When filling out the application, students can apply to the Student Mentoring Program (SMP) which will match them with physician mentors based on factors like shared interests. 

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