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The in-person event will be held from the evening of Friday, April 12th through the evening of Sunday, April 14th. Registration is due March 1st, and is $95 USD. Register here!

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The in-person component of the 2024 Harvard Undergraduate World Pre-Health Conference will be hosted at the Joseph B. Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School from April 13th-14th. Because we are not hosting at a specific hotel venue, we have provided a list of plausible, nearby hotels to stay at and their pricing for the duration of the conference.

Our finance team is hard at work looking through financial aid applications and if any questions should arise concerning hotel pricing and information, do not hesitate to reach out to our finance email at



WPC is proud to offer a range of pre-professional events that cover the diverse spectrum of the medical field. Our competitive events give each attendee an opportunity to display their enthusiasm for these fields and potentially win monetary prizes. From a bioethics hackathon to a life sciences consulting introduction and an event focused around your research and volunteer presentations, our CEs are the heart of the annual conference. 


To the right you will find a list of our events this year and their descriptions. Once you register for the conference, we will send you an email allowing you to list in order your preference for participation in each one. 

Note that there will be different competitions at the in-person and virtual conference due to the difference in participation format. Displayed here are competitions for our in-person component.



Team up with your fellow pre-health students to create your own international global health campaign


Strap on your clinical shoes and discern the best course of action in this bioethics case study competition


Learn more about the life of an MD consultant by testing your proficiency in solving a real-life case


Interact with an acting patient to turn their symptoms into a professional diagnosis


Join with a team to compete in medical and pre-health trivia questions. 


Present your research, volunteer work, or other project in our student fair to win a monetary prize.


Along with our conference events, WPC hosts many keynote speakers who attend the conference pro-bono to help inspire students to learn more about their various fields. Our in-person and virtual keynote biographies can be found below. Click each icon to find out more about their backgrounds.

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Dr. Fredric Meyer

Therese Hudsons-Jinks.png

Therese Hudsons-Jinks

Dr. Jag Singh.jpg

Dr. Jag Singh

Dr. Scott Goldberg.png

Dr. Scott Goldberg

Dr. Hyewon Hyun.jpg

Dr. Hyewon Hyun

Dr. Thomas Quinn.png

Dr. Thomas Quinn

Dr. Kirsten Goodell.jpg

Dr. Kirsten Goodell

Dr. Gordon Huggins.png

Dr. Gordon Huggins

Dr. Francesca Gazzaniga.png

Dr. Francesca Gazzaniga

Dr. Vineet Raghu.png

Dr. Vineet Raghu

Tim Phelps.png

Tim Phelps

Dr. Jen Thum.png

Dr. Jen Thum

Nadia Paredes.png

Nadia Paredes

Dr. Patrick Catalano.png

Dr. Patrick Catalano

Dr. Rebecca Brendel.png

Dr. Rebecca Brendel

Dr. Elisabetta del Re.jpg

Dr. Elisabetta del Re


WPC is a non-profit organization founded just three years ago. Because of this, we will not be able to provide financial aid to every student who applies for either conference component. However, our finance committee has worked hard to announce our 2024 financial aid program. You will be able to indicate on our application the financial aid that you are requesting!


If you have any general inquiries about WPC 2024, please contact us here. We will get back to you within five business days.

Note this contact form sends messages to

For more specific inquires, contact:

Our financial aid officers at

Our sponsorship officers at

Our ambassador officers at

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