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Advanced eClinical Training (ACT)

Moving Pre-Health Students Forward With

Online Medical Certification Programs

ACT offers 100% online certification programs with

guaranteed clinical placements

  • Land clinical experience & patient care roles in 6-8 weeks.

  • Obtain in-demand healthcare certifications employers seek.

  • Become a more competitive candidate for medical school.

Online Healthcare Training and Medical Certification Programs

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ACT's online certification programs are specially crafted to provide pre-med students with the essential tools they need to prepare for medical & PA school and launch their careers in healthcare. 

By combining clinical exposure, flexible learning options, expert guidance, and recognized credentials, ACT's online certification programs are tailored to empower pre-med students like you as you embark on the journey towards medical and PA school.

Watch the Online Training Program

Push the Easy Button for Clinical Experience 

You get guaranteed clinical externship, job placements, networking opportunities, certification exams, and career counseling.  All inside your ACT certification course! Begin your medical career in 8-weeks and get a $300 discount (Code: Advanced300).

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Earn a nationally-recognized certification in 8 to 12-weeks

Take control of your healthcare career with a certification. It’ll open doors to job opportunities in diverse healthcare specialties.


You don’t have to wait for a doctor to offer you a shadowing opportunity anymore. You can get direct experience as a medical assistant. Even better, your healthcare employer will pay you to gain valuable clinical experience for your graduate school application. You’ll be able to choose the exact certification that aligns with your academic and professional goals.


Don’t wait for clinical experience opportunities to come to you! Get the certification you need to land your first job in healthcare!

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How ACT Helps You Begin Your Medical Career As a Pre-Med Student


ACT's online training programs are designed specifically to provide pre-med students like you with the essential tools, experiences, and guidance needed to kickstart your medical career journey with confidence and competence.


From comprehensive curricula to immersive clinical exposure, flexible learning options, expert guidance, and recognized credentials, ACT is committed to empowering you every step of the way.


The certifications you earn through ACT will set your medical school application apart, showcasing your commitment to the healthcare profession and your proactive approach to gaining clinical experience and healthcare knowledge.

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How ACT Helps You Begin Your Medical Career as a PreHealth Student

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Choose your clinical pathway for a guaranteed job in 6-months

Pre-Med Certifications


You’ll get the exact type of clinical experience most valued by medical school admissions committees. Instead of volunteering or shadowing, you’ll have all the responsibilities of a healthcare team member. ACT even helps you gain work experience by providing a guaranteed clinical placement!


Plus, this pathway gives you a credential trusted by employers. You’ll be able to find a job in health without any prior job experience. By gaining work experience, you’ll prove your commitment to a career in healthcare and set yourself apart from other medical school applicants.


In as little as 8-weeks, you could be applying your new clinical skills in one of these diverse healthcare settings:


  • Medical Assistant — Most medical facilities employ medical assistants to perform administrative tasks and basic diagnostics. You could work in primary health, hospitals, nursing homes, diagnostic testing centers, and surgical specialties.

  • Patient Care Technician — If you want hands-on experience with patients, then this certification is for you! Patient Care Technicians work as a member of a healthcare team to provide patient monitoring, feeding, catheter care, and more.

  • Phlebotomy Technician — This certification combines patient care skills with a deep understanding of lab work. Phlebotomy technicians perform blood draws on patients in hospitals and community settings. You’ll improve your understanding of medical diagnostics.

  • Advanced Clinical Research Assistant — Improve your chances of winning a research assistant position with this certification. You’ll learn clinical research conduct, principles of excellent clinical practice, drug development, regulatory compliance, and more.

  • Pre-Med Mentorship Program — You don’t have to go through this journey alone. ACT has mentors available to walk you through every step of the process. Your mentor will assist you with your personal statement, interview prep, resume, and more.


Our job guarantee ensures you won’t simply be building your resume. You’ll be starting your medical career.


100% of ACT students have gained jobs in clinics or hospitals.


Join today to become a successful and compassionate medical professional!

$300 Discount! Use Code: [Advanced300]

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