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How do I apply to attend WPC?

Applications to WPC2022 are currently open and can be found at Please contact if you have any questions.

Who can attend WPC?

All undergraduate and medical students interested in health fields are invited to apply.

When/how will I find out about my application decisions?

Application decisions are released by email within 30 days of that round's due date.

Student Mentoring Program (SMP)

I didn't receive a notification about my SMP application status. 

SMP application statuses will be released by March 1.

How are mentors and mentees matched? 

Mentors and mentees are matched based on their interests and responses to the initial sign-up form taking into consideration the following items: specialty, academic interests, hobbies, geographical location, general availability, and answers to application questions. We also offer space on the sign-up application to express an interest in being matched based on race/gender/sexuality. 


Will the mentorships be 1-1?

Our goal is to make 1-1 mentorships, but if this is not possible due to the number of mentees and mentors, we will adjust as is necessary.  


Can I request a specific mentor if I know that they will be participating in SMP? 

Yes, there is space to do so on the application. 


When and where do I find out who my mentor/mentee is?

You will receive your match at the latest by the end of January by email. Please confirm that you are still interested in participating in SMP by submitting the respective Google form in the email. 


Can I switch from my mentor to another mentor? 

Please email with the subject header [SMP SWITCH] explaining why you would like to request a switch and who your current mentor is. We encourage mentors and mentees to work through any differences or difficulties and discourage switching to foster a long-term mentor-mentee relationship, but if any harassment or unhealthy environments arise, please let us know immediately. 


Mentor-Mentee Logistics and Meetings 

How many times should I be meeting with my mentor? 

We encourage mentors and mentees to be meeting at least monthly, but this is subject to change and you will indicate your preferred meeting schedule in the mentor agreement. 


My mentor/mentee is not responding to my emails. 

Please email with the subject header [SMP CONTACT] explaining this situation and your forms of communication with your mentor or mentee. We will personally reach out to the mentor or mentee in question and address the situation as soon as possible. We may switch you, if you agree, if absolutely necessary. 


How should I prepare for meetings with my mentor/mentee? 

Please see the following guides: 

Mentoring 101: Mentors

Mentoring 101: Mentees

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