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Julie Salamon

Critic, journalist, and best-selling author. Author of 12 books as well as writer and co-host of The Devil’s Candy, Season Two of TCM’s podcast series, The Plot Thickens.

As a critic, journalist, and best-selling author, Julie Salamon has challenged conventional wisdom on diverse subjects, including filmmaking, murder, philanthropy, the Holocaust, and modern medical care. Through scrupulous detail and revealing stories, she has become noted for adding new perspective on subjects we think we know. Tom Wolfe, commenting on her 2008 book Hospital, called Salamon ”one of America’s best fly-on-the-wall reporters.”
Salamon, a former critic and reporter for The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, is the author of 12 books as well as writer and co-host of The Devil’s Candy, Season Two of TCM’s podcast series, The Plot Thickens, which made numerous Best of 2021 lists, including The New York Times and NPR.
Hospital follows a year in the life of Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, which serves a diverse multicultural demographic. Unraveling the financial, ethical, technological, sociological, and cultural challenges encountered every day, Salamon tracks the individuals who make this complex hospital run-from doctors, patients, and administrators to nurses, ambulance drivers, cooks, and cleaners.
Salamon was awarded a Kaiser Media Fellowship in Health Reporting for the book, which was widely praised in the media and by health care practitioners. The New York Times called the book “ambitious, absorbing, funny.” Dr. Jerome Groopman said Hospital is “a unique and revealing book that captures the tensions and triumphs of today’s medicine. Salamon has lectured at hospitals and medical schools nationwide, including Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, Beth Israel Deaconess and Massachusetts General Cancer Center in Boston, Columbia University Medical Center, Yale Medical School, New York Presbyterian Medical Center.
A graduate of Tufts University and the New York University School of Law, Salamon is board chair of BRC, a leading New York City provider of mental health care, housing and social services to thousands of New Yorkers experiencing homelessness.

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